Terminalen Executive Search

Peder Hansson - CEO & Owner

"The fact that, during the recruitment process, we can predict the future performance of sales people, in a scientifically proven way, gives us direct benefits of even more satisfied customers". 

Terminalen Executive Search

Made for Sales

Goran Fryklund - CEO

"The Sales Call Reluctance significantly affects the success of sales people. When recruiting people on behalf of our customers, we use the SPQ GOLD test as a tool to contribute to the whole picture. In particular, we use it when in-depth interviews are conducted and it helps us to access and discover behavioral dimension that we would not have been aware of otherwise".

DokuMera AB

Hans-Olov Hjalmarsson - CEO

"Among other tests, we use SPQ Gold assessment to recruit sales people in our company. We feel that SPQ Gold is an excellent recruitment tool because of its ability to show accurate correlation between test results and actual sales behavior of a candidate. Through consistent use of SPQ GOLD, we have gained many insights about sales call reluctance and sales behavior".

DokuMera AB

Rubino Rekrytering AB

Harry Rubino - CEO & Owner

"We are confident in the unique advantage of the SPQ GOLD assessment to quickly identify candidate’s ability to prospect, to reveal how fast a candidate will reach the desired level of performance and determine the needed investment in training. The information we obtain is accurate, relevant and unique. Thanks to the SPQ GOLD, during recruitment process, our ability to find high performers is much sharper".

Rubino Rekrytering AB


Sunfab Hydraulics AB

Hakan Angerbjorn – Marketing Manager

"Our sales people did almost no prospecting at all. However, after the Sales Call Reluctance programme they changed and they reached their five year targets in almost one year".

Sunfab Hydraulics AB

Randstad Sweden

Agneta Lofgren – HR Manager

"Since 2008 we have a Sales Call Reluctance concept as a part of programme for consultants and managers. The greatest gain within this programme is improved accountability at the individual level, improved time management, common language and most importantly in creating the culture without excuses. 

Lotsen Kommunikation AB

Magnus Carlsson – CEO

"During the training and coaching process, we achieved a greater understanding of ourselves and how we work in sales situations, but above all, what we could do to improve our performance. Two months after training sessions our sales results tripled. I have also learnt a tremendous amount that I am finding useful in parts of life that are not related to business. I particularly appreciate that you can follow the progress of your development through testing."

Lotsen Kommunikation AB

Gallerix Sweden AB

Dan Crewe - CEO & Co-Owner

“In October 2012, we embarked on a pilot project, putting some of our store managers through the programme focussing on improving their transaction rate and helping them to control their behaviours towards the sales staff in each store. The project is designed to be driven on a remote basis with follow-ups and coaching taking place mainly via the telephone and with a limited number of face-to-face meetings. By mid-2013, the company is planning to roll out the programme to all our store managers.  All other traditional sales training have been suspended so that we can increase the frequency of sales contacts to a more acceptable level, before we embark on a skills based training programme”. - Daniel Crewe

Emergenetics International, Russia

Alexander Kopylov - Professional Trainer

“In the Management Training Workshop, I learned why so many sales people are not able to prospect at the level required by their organization. Now I know how to help them improve their sales productivity.

I highly recommend the Management Training Workshop to all those who are interested in personal development. From a professional trainer's perspective, all of the topics covered in the workshop were helpful”.  

Independent Consultant, Sweden

Ann-Marie Silokangas Belin, Independent Consultant

"I do recommend the Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop to everyone who wants to develop their career in any management position”.

By attending the Management Training Workshop, I learnt a lot about myself.  I will be able to use the knowledge obtained personally to achieve my goals, as well as to support others in their development. For me, the most interesting part was, to learn that everyone, regardless of profession or industry, are working in and regardless of the country they are coming from, have emotional barriers that hinder them from taking that next step in their career.