Rikard Karlsson

After I attended the Scientific Sales Selection in Stockholm, Sweden I went to Dallas for the Management Training Workshop in 2016. We implemented first the SCR concept among our four regional managers. We took the next step and run the SPQGold/FSA test on all top candidates in the recruitment process. When we became aware of the agreement between good test results and performance in the field sales for our new employed sales people we in 2018 made the decision to get rid of words like “gut feeling” and “fits in our business idea”. Today we nearly totally rely on the SPQGold/FSA test and are extremely successful in our recruitments. We save money and the turnover is higher. We still use professional partners for the recruitment but in the final phase we use the SPQGold/FSA as our deciding tool. We have moved so far so we have accredited two more managers in SCR to be able to run workshops with SPQGold/FSA for our salespeople. We also use the thinking behind SCR in our education and communication. Our results has doubled from SEK30.000.000 to SEK 60.000.000 during the years 2016-2019 and we would like to attribute part of the success to the scientific and crystal clear thinking about sales we found in SPQ*Gold/FSA from BSRP in Dallas and Confident Approach AB in Sweden. With the warmest recommendations to everyone – or maybe not to our competitors.

– Rikard Karlsson – CEO & OWNER – SP o VI