Selling styles

Different selling styles

A pro-sales orientation is not associated with or attributable to any particular means, manner or method of selling. Ethically grounded salespeople are forthright salespeople. They do not cloak their intent and they do not have to apologize for who they are or what they do – regardless of their selling style.

Salespeople should be encouraged to adopt a flexible array of styles, not just one, so they can adapt to the communication needs of a variety of prospective buyers. Below we have listed some tips and suggestions for current pro-active sales professionals and those who wish to be that can help them achieve a good sales performance.

  • Be open-minded. Ask yourself “Am I stuck in one way of selling, e.g. client – centered selling, or am I open to alternative ways of selling?”
  • Observe. Try to watch various approaches to selling in action. Watch your colleagues, even those you don’t agree with.
  • Learn.  Are you doing the hard work only to have your competitors intrude and steal your client? If so, objectively review your approach to selling and watch how other salespeople work – even your competitors.
  • Join. Consider joining industry or professional sales groups where you have access to both colleagues and competitors.
  • Be aware. Believe only a portion of the claims you read on the web or hear at industry conventions or sales conferences. Sales Managers should believe even less.
  • Disclose. You are a professional salesperson. For some salespeople, especially those indoctrinated into the soft-sell persuasion, forthright disclosure may not be easy. So practice. Rehearse how you might actually sound disclosing that you are in sales in a friendly but honest way to prospecting buyers.
  • Remember. Prospects are opportunities not potential opponents, or people to be feared.
  • Time yourself. Look to your sales cycles. Are they longer than your competitors? That’s one of the most obvious signs of rigid soft-selling. Is your selling style artificially extending your sales cycle?

Do you know what your selling style is? Do you want to adopt different selling styles in your organization and improve sales performance in your department?