A selection of podcasts for your learning more about sales. Podcasts are produced from our supplier BSRP Inc & from Confident Approach AB. We cover sales, leadership, team, sociopaths in the business life and much more with very competent people. There is both English and Swedish podcasts.

In this podcast, Christer B Jansson talks with perhaps two of the Sweden’s most experienced consultants in the field – Urban Gavelin and Henrik Mannertsrale, about sales behavior, sales styles and sales methodology. They both have very long and successful careers as managers in various roles and with a focus on developing sales, which has always been close to their hearts. This is Christer’s first interview after the pandemic and the knowledge these two gentlemen possess is really worth listening to.

Behavioral Sciences Research Press CEO Suzanne Dudley interviews Jerome Gafford, Ph.D. aka The Sales Doctor. Gafford is the Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Center for Professional Sales at the University of Texas at Dallas, as well as a Sales Behavior Coach.

Behavioral Sciences Research Press CEO Suzanne Dudley interviews Jerome Gafford, Ph.D. aka The Sales Doctor. Gafford is the Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Center for Professional Sales at the University of Texas at Dallas, as well as a Sales Behavior Coach.

Behavioral Sciences Research Press CEO Suzanne Dudley and Jerome Gafford, Ph.D. aka The Sales Doctor talk about best practices for individual and organization sales success as well as the keys to keeping business moving forward during challenging times.

Behavioral Sciences Research Press CEO Suzanne Dudley interviews BSRP’s Director of Training Megan Quirk, Ph.D., about why setting meaningful and realistic sales goals the right way can lead to an increase in your performance and boost your pipeline.

The importance of virtual selling is more prevalent now than ever before and many salespeople are adjusting to a new sales environment. In this episode, BSRP’s CEO Suzanne Dudley and Director of Research & Field Testing Trelitha R. Bryant discuss why some salespeople struggle with virtual selling as well as how to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Successful selling stems from a mindset focused on prospecting that needs to be practiced every day. In this episode, BSRP’s CEO Suzanne Dudley talks about the importance of embracing the salesperson role and why the process of building your pipeline is the lifeblood of your business with Certified Financial Planner Marion Iliohan, a management and transition strategy coach for financial advisors.

In this episode, BSRP’s CEO Suzanne Dudley continues her conversation with Certified Financial Planner Marion Iliohan—a management and transition strategy coach for financial advisors—about defining a clear mission for the current and future state of your business.

In this episode, authors Suzanne Dudley and Trelitha Bryant share an entire chapter from their book, Relentless: The Science of Barrier-Busting Sales.

When Sales is an Obstacle – In this podcast, published on Säljpodden, Christer B. Jansson tells about the research behind Sales Call Reluctance and is giving the answers on why some people have problem to sell. Podcast is in Swedish.

Conversation with Anders Wendelheim –  Anders Wendelheim is a Dr. in Psychology, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Psychology at the Stockholm University. In recent years, Anders has worked with organizations on wide change projects and on leadership function development. In this conversation Christer B Jansson interviews Anders where they talk about the trust.

Conversation with Meredith Belbin – The man behind team roles who showed that what we know about the individual via personality tests does not help us predict the team’s ability to perform. It is more complex than that and is more about how we perceive each other’s behavior and how we value and use the team’s behavior based on the nine different ways we contribute, relate and collaborate with each other that he found necessary to have a successful team.

Conversation with Philip Merry – According to Philip, we need to work through the culture in all teams, groups, companies before we can do anything else. One definition he has for culture is “the organization’s way of solving problems” Conversations that make a difference in this pod are very much about culture and how we manage it, use it and what we should watch out for.

Conversation with Dani Dawodsson Razmgah – Christer B. Jansson talks with Dani Razmgah who is an executive management consultant with extensive experience in managing and developing complex and knowledge-intensive operations. Used to large programs and projects where both change management and cultural transfer have been important components.

Conversation with Thomas Ekbom – Thomas has been a chief developer at the Correctional Service and retired early to continue developing managers and teams in companies and organizations outside the Correctional Service.

Conversation with Åke Strengnell – About Psychopaths and Narcissists – Interview with Åke Strengnell, forensic psychologist and expert in the field with a long experience of helping companies and individual victims who have been in contact with people with these types of behavior.

Conversation with Christer B. Jansson – Christer B. Jansson was interviewed by Tomas Jennebo, radio journalist from Sweden who also produced other podcasts in this series.

Conversation with Suzy Dudley – CEO of Behavioral Sciences and Research Press is one of the founders and researchers behind the discovery of sales call reluctance. In this podcast, she is talking about the sales call reluctance latest research findings.

Conversation with Anders Wennergren – Another podcast, published on iTunes, where you will find a conversation with Anders Wennergren, former CEO of Mercuri International and current partner in Quality Sales and Confident Approach. In this podcast, Anders is talking about structure or lack of structure in the sales organisations and how to build up sales academies.

Conversation with Jonathan Farrington – Jonathan Farrington is a globally recognized keynote speaker, business coach, mentor, author, consultant, and sales futurist who has guided hundreds of companies and more than one hundred thousand frontline salespeople and sales leaders towards optimum performance levels. He is the CEO of Top Sales World and the Executive Editor of Top Sales Magazine. Jonathan’s written work has been republished by a host of journals, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The London Times.

Conversation with Paula Söderström – Paula Söderström is the Owner and CEO of Meant To Mind. She is one of the experienced consultants and coaches who works with Sales Call Reluctance on a regular basis.

Conversation with Daniel Crew  – Today, Daniel Crew is responsible for selling on DHL via social media. Dan has been a trainer at the DHL for all sellers and worked a lot with sales call reluctance. The interview is a lot about how to get out of a crisis and how to think during the crisis process.