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About Sales Call Reluctance

An effective intervention program always begins with an accurate diagnosis. Typically, our modern diagnoses originate from sophisticated, computer scored call reluctance test. Sales training departments find the added diagnostic precision provided by these assessments to be invaluable aid.

If you haven´t been in sales before and will take the FSA test.

This video will explain how you can think answering the questions in the FSA test, if you don´t have any sales experience at all.

Management Training Workshop

Confident Approach in cooperation with Behavioral Sciences and Research Press Inc organised the Management Training Workshop, used by sales-driven organizations worldwide to manage sales call reluctance. Have you ever wonder what are the emotional barriers that keep talented, motivated professionals from earning what they’re worth?

Research done by BSRP have found that no management challenge is more costly for a company to endure, or profitable to effectively overcome than sales call reluctance.

Recruitment and Development of Salespeople

Confident Approach introduced to the participants latest tools for selection and development of salespeople designed for Sales Managers, Executives, HR Professionals, Consultants and Trainers. Sales Managers are challenged all the time to assemble the right team, provide proactive coaching and adopt the sales process to changes in the marketplace.

Are you one of them?

Changing The World of Sales Webinar (in Swedish)

General presentation about Confident Approach, Sales Call ReluctanceSPQ Gold assessment and Scientific Sales Selection Workshop.