Looking to learn more about Confident Approach and Sales Call Reluctance?

Confident Approach is presenting a series of short and focused recorded webinars designed to help people find more information about Sales Call Reluctance and possible solutions for prospecting problems in their companies.

Self Promotion & Personal Branding

-WEBINAR- Så påverkar urvalet försäljningsresultatet (SWE)

-WEBINAR- Så påverkar kontakthinder försäljningsresultatet (SWE)

Visibility Management – Varför vissa medarbetare syns (SWE)

The dirty little secret - Webinar (SWE)

Is Your Culture Working Against Your Salesforce - Webinar (ENG)

Why Your Sales Team Struggles - Webinar (ENG)

Recruitment Indicator No.1 - Webinar (SWE)

Ledarskap och Kontakthinder - Webinar (SWE)

Rädda chefer får rädda medarbetare - Seminar (SWE)

Oppositional Reflex - Webinar (ENG)

Over Preparer - Webinar (ENG)

Recruit Top Sales People - Webinar (ENG)

Stage Fright SCR - Webinar(ENG)

Telephobia SCR - Webinar (ENG)

YielderSCR - Webinar (ENG)

Visibility Management - Webinar (ENG)