Personal Best Program

The Personal Best Program is an intensive and comprehensive personal approach for sales managers and sales people to succeed with individual or organisation’s sales goals.

On Average, Organisations Lose 15.3 New Sales Per Month Of Tenure, For Every Employee With Call Reluctance. The Personal Best Program is here to help you reduce or eradicate this problem.

Sales call reluctance is the hesitation to initiate first contact with prospective buyers. Although this is only the first stage of the selling process, initiating contact is vital to success in developing sales and is often responsible for the failure of closing a deal.

Confident Approach offers personal and tailor made coaching to identify these emotional barriers which lead to failure in sales and the fear of self-promotion. The Program is an intensive and comprehensive personal approach to overcome these difficulties and succeed in reaching your individual and organisation’s goals.

The training sessions can serve as a follow up to the 2-day Power Up Your Sales workshop or may be taken as a separate program. In contrast, the Personal Best Program sessions offer a more personal bespoke coaching scheme that focuses on your team member’s individual performance, productivity and needs. A certified coach will provide personalised guidance and feedback on an ongoing basis.

Comprehensive material including diagnostic exercises and scientific assessments will be provided to analyse and identify an individual’s emotional barriers and needs. The main objective is to show participants how to easily recognise various types of reluctance and at the same time overcome emotional barriers.


Personal Best Program is especially designed for people who:

  • Don’t have access to open or corporate workshops
  • Don’t have time to attend a day and a half workshop
  • Prefer one-to-one contact with a trained coach
  • Want sustained, focused support while applying corrective procedures

The program is made up of 12 sessions and is spread over 6 to 12 weeks. Trainees can even choose the time, place and day for training that suits them best.

During the program, participants are encouraged to increase contact frequency since this enhances achieved sales and boosts revenue. At the end of the programme, the trainee’s progress will be charted in the form of measurable, observable increases in productive contact behaviour.


  • SPQ*GOLD/FSA® assessment – This assessment clearly identifies sales call reluctance and classifies how much initiative, energy and drive, an individual has to be able to self-prospect on a consistent level.
  • Career Styles Inventory – a comprehensive assessment of personality-like influences on behavior at work. It creates a detailed profile of work-related preferences. This is ideal for building teams, evaluating corporate “fit,” assessing partnerships and more.
  • Suzy Dudley & Trelitha Bryant ‘Relentless’ textbook. This book offers examples, anecdotes and step-by-step directions, through which you will discover what sales call reluctance really is, how it cripples careers, and how to keep it from limiting your career and overcome the fear of self promotion. See more here
  • Workbook and collateral material
  • Weekly coaching time
  • Certificate of completion

Personal Best Program helped more people to comfortably and consistently increase their social networks and contacts in the marketplace. If you are sure of changing unproductive habits and want to begin to earn what you are worth then, Personal Best is right for you.