LNQ™ – Leadership Networking Questionnaire™

The LNQ assesses the fear of self-promotion in non-sales professionals. Based on the same research that produced SPQ GOLD®, the LNQ replaces sales-specific terminology with general contact – initiation language about networking, making introductions, and building key relationships in a career setting.

The hesitation to initiate social contact can hamper a wide range of factors crucial to career advancement. The LNQ goes beyond blanket concepts like ‘shyness’ and ‘timidity’ to uncover specific strengths and weaknesses when it comes to self-promotion.


135 questions — takes 45-60 minutes to complete.
Measures foundational social contact initiation issues, including Networking Intensity and Motivational Initiative.
Reports on 18 separate areas of inhibited contact initiation, including Referral Networking (comfort levels networking through referrals), Status Networking (comfort contacting “upscale” individuals), Spontaneous Networking (needing to feel totally prepared before initiating contact), Corporate Visibility, Inter-Departmental Networking Initiative, and more.
Comprehensive narrative report outlines presence, severity and possible behavioral consequences of each measured behavior.


You use the test to help a management team or an individual leader to increase it´s network internally and externally. Most successful teams and leaders have great network around them. LNQ measure the inner conflict and hesitation to initiate the contact needed to create that network.

It is also a great indicator for destructive leadership that can ruin a fantastic leaders future. Just the feedback of the test gives most managers a great look at behavior they did not know they had and that can make a mess of their abilities.

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