Style Logix Workshop

Style Logix Workshop aims to equip sales managers with a model to help them identify and reinforce their sales team’s selling styles.

There Are Various Selling Style Personalities Which Sales People May Have. Instead Of Force-Fitting Your Sales Team Members Into Somebody Else’s Mould, Why Not Get Some Real Insight With Our Style Logix Workshop Into Their Own Individual Selling Behaviour?

Many salespeople are increasingly pressured into accepting the dogma that there is only one right way of selling. Forcing yourself or your sales team to maintain and fit into a particular selling technique can lead you to work less efficiently and make you feel uncomfortable in your job, resulting in a lack of sales and contact initiation.

Based on a pioneering six-factor model developed by George Dudley and Shannon Goodson, The Style Logix Workshop introduces sales professionals to six effective selling styles and reveals how identifying a true adaptive selling approach for each sales person can mean more successful presentations and more closed sales.

The aim of the Style Logix Workshop is to ultimately equip sales managers with a model to help them identify, redirect and reinforce their sales team’s selling styles. Understanding what selling style suits your sales team members best will help to optimise their selling skills and enable them to enhance their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

Through the workshop you will be able to:

  • increase the range of selling styles used by salespeople in the field
  • become aware of the importance of using different selling styles with buyers
  • identify yours and your team members’ primary and secondary selling styles
  • apply a personal action plan to enhance other selling skills that are not primary or secondary
  • understand the differences between selling theory, selling science and selling process

How can one identify the different selling styles in their sales team?

During the workshop, you will be presented with the Selling Styles Profile Analysis™ (SSPA), a scientific assessment based on Dudley and Goodson’s six-factor model. This is an assessment which provides a detailed report of the strengths and possible limitation of a salesperson’s primary selling styles. During the workshop you will learn how to implement the test on your sales team members and on your organization as a whole.

The SSPA Assessment reviews an organisation’s actual approach to selling. It can be used to identify a person’s primary selling styles as well as a guide to understand whether sales training is necessary for your team.

The SSPA Assessment:

  • estimates an individual salesperson’s readiness to benefit from sales training
  • confirms the effect of sales training practices
  • improves flexibility for dealing with various sales situations by developing greater awareness of alternative ways to sell
  • confirms whether sales training is producing a sales behaviour that is consistent with the organisation’s core sales philosophy
  • ensures that candidate salespeople are “fit” for the organisation’s sales culture