CSI™ – Career Style Inventory™

The Career Styles Inventory is a comprehensive assessment of personality – like influences on behavior at work. It creates a detailed profile of work-related preferences, perfect for building teams, evaluating corporate “fit”, assessing partnerships and more.

This comprehensive assessment is specifically designed to measure personality-like influences on behavior in the workplace. Not a broad-brush “personality” test, the CSI™ avoids potential legal pitfalls that can result from asking questions which are personal, intrusive or not clearly related to employment situations. All questions focus on work-related preferences and provide straightforward, “need to know” information to help employers and individuals make important career development decisions.


394 questions — takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete
Results are reported as 34 separate scales grouped into five behavior-based categories: Interpersonal Style, Learning Style, Work Orientation, Decision Making Style, and Stress/Frustration Management, plus scales to gauge attitudes toward the questionnaire itself
Comprehensive narrative report outlines presence, severity and possible behavioral consequences of each measured behavior


  • Team leaders/members – when cooperation and consistency of purpose are critical
  • Key management personnel – to ensure proper “fit” with corporate style and policies
  • Business partners – to help gauge compatibility, minimize areas of conflict and achieve effective division of labor
  • Hiring managers – to codify personal/departmental expectations and provide a benchmark for evaluating new employees
  • Individuals – to help identify desirable career settings and uncover potential obstacles to productivity.