Power up your sales

Power up your sales is a workshop that will help your sales team reach their sales goals, to prospect for new clients and closing sales.

The workshop can be delivered online or in the traditional way face2face.

Having A Confident, Stable And Motivated Sales Force And Reaching The Goals You Want Your Company To Achieve Is Not Easy.

Instead of spending time analyzing what may be wrong with the performance of your company as a whole, it is beneficial to go to the root of the problem and understand the struggles and challenges which your individual sales employees face.

With Power Up Your Sales workshop, in just one and a half days you can identify the hindrances that are preventing your sales team from reaching their sales goals, prospecting new clients and closing sales.

Through the Power Up Your Sales + Coaching, Confident Approach offers in-house training and scientific testing on an individual level, identifying the needs, weaknesses and behavioural functions of each sales member. This method of analysis then enables Confident Approach to offer tailor made coaching and guidance for each of your individual sales team members, based on their test results.

This Sales Prospecting Training has been designed by Behavioural Science and Research Press Inc. and uses scientific methods and assessments to identify the specific emotional barriers and obstacles that occur in initiating first contact with buyers. The term used to define these obstacles is ‘sales call reluctance’. Although only the initial stage of the selling process,”Contact initiation with prospective buyers is universally considered critical to success in direct sales” (Dudley & Goodson, 1990).