Solutions for Sales Managers

  • If you’re like most sales leaders, you’ve invested thousands of euro in training and
    coaching with little lasting momentum. 
  • Our Sale Preference Assessment is rooted in real science and helps you position
    your salespeople for success.
  • Our programs can help you activate every investment you’ve ever made in your
    sales team enabling them, and you, to blow past your sales targets

Doe´s you sales team struggle to get the productivity you need to reach the departments goals. You still after sales training have your low performers, average and top producers and sales training makes no big change you are on the right place.

Both you and us at Confident Approach now it cost a lot to recruit a new salesperson and even with the best onboard program statistics says it takes around 8 months before a new employed person reach their potential. Money is lost every day during this first 8 months and in average a sales team’s turnover is so high that ever fifth year we changed all salespeople in the organization during a study at Garner Group. Cost a lot of money too and during recruitment time and onboarding the prospecting on your prospect and development of customer development suffer.

We all new that but what to do about it? First of all, Confident Approach have a very different approach we are confident about as it is based on pure science, best practice and we can actually prove that as well.

What is so different with our way of helping you increase the number of contacts your salespeople do (Contact is a quality word here. Some salespeople become professional visitors and do a lot of calls and get no contact to talk business), reduce recruitment cost over time (due to people stay longer and perform better), shorten the time your prospect and clients are without a salesperson. We also reduce the risk to hire low performers whatever recruitment process you have together with finding more high performers your normally recruitment program is missing and reduce the time a salesperson needs to reach their full potential.

To know more about what we complement your recruitment process with click here. To help the existing sales force improve we need first to find what is going on that reduce their potential to succeed. For that we use the test that measure Sales Call Reluctance and some others important variables that is needed to create more business contacts, be more proactive, when reactive response faster, increase quality in the business conversation with a client or prospect and know when to close.

Most salespeople we know have the training, skills and experience to do that and still it do not happen. The SPQ Gold/FSA test is the latest research (research still going on) and the research today have more than 40 years of experience and studies on real salespeople.

We start with the test to find out what is going on with your salespeople and when we know that we can offer an individual coaching program based on the test results for them and we always start with a program that are the same for all of them. The Power Up Your Sales Workshop. After that program they get their personal coaching 100% based on their test result, their situation and experience and knowledge they have about themselves.

It is a two-day workshop IRL followed by 4-8 coaching meetings or 4 meetings online for the workshop and 6-10 coaching meeting online.

Results we get. Look at our testimonials or ask us if you want to talk to some of them and what happened in their company.

If you have your own training department we can train and coach them to run the program for your sales organization and something we recommend if it is possible. The training for trainers is called the Master in Sales Excellence and is a four-day workshop to learn the science, interpret the test results and coach your salespeople with Cognitive Behavior Methods. Before they get experienced your trainers maybe need coaching from us.

If you are a smaller company, you can do the coaching yourself as a manager and even run the workshop Power up your sales (we do not recommend that) and do the coaching yourself with some initial help from us if needed.

Results we got during the years differs from company and industry of course and we always have paid back the investment within 3-6 month with some exceptions both ways depending on the length of the selling and buying cycle.

Interested to know more or get a proposal do not hesitate to contact us at Confident Approach. Something you already know is you continue as before everything will be as before. If you want to change and perform better than that you need to change, and we would love to help you and your salespeople to feel better and perform better.