JSI – Job Seeking Index

The JSI assesses the fear of self-promotion in job seekers. Based on the same research that produced SPQ GOLD®, discover what might be keeping you from making as many contacts as you should.

The Job Seeking Index was developed as an extension of Inhibited Social Contact Initiation Syndrome (ISCIS), work done by Dudley & Goodson. During the past 30 years, research (involved more than 500,000 individuals) identified many common conflicts, hesitations and fears associated with making first contact related to career advancement purposes.

Natural self-promoters instinctively exploit opportunities to make themselves visible. For most people, however, visibility management triggers an emotional struggle between their desire to make their competence visible, and their reticence to appear too forward or immodest. Yet in today’s hotly competitive business environment, it’s not enough to be good at what you do, earning what you’re worth takes more. You have to practice “visibility management,” letting people know who you are and what you do well.

Managing visibility is an integral component of modern career management.


157 questions — takes 45-60 minutes to complete
Measures foundational social contact initiation issues, including available Energy for Job Seeking and current Desire to network
Reports on 15 separate areas of inhibited contact initiation, including Telestress (discomfort using the telephone), Social Deference (discomfort contacting “upscale” individuals), Over-Preparation (needing to feel totally prepared before initiating contact), Image (letting image get in the way of meeting people), Disputing (reflexive need to criticize and argue with others) and more
Comprehensive narrative report outlines presence, severity and possible behavioral consequences of each measured behavior.