Master in Sales Excellence

Master in Sales Excellence is a 4-day training for those who are responsible for developing sales organizations and individual salespeople.

For Managers, Trainers, Coaches, Psychologist, Human Resource people and more that have an impact on the sales organization’s performance and development.

You will learn how to:

  • Interpret different call reluctance tests such as the SPQ Gold/FSA,
  • You will be able to run the specialized designed workshop to help people that need to sell more
  • Come to an understanding of their own Sales Call Reluctance,
  • How to cure specific types of the Sales Call Reluctance and how to handle people with difficult Sales Call Reluctance types.
  • How to spot Sales Call Reluctance without using a test 

During the Master in Sales Excellence Workshop, focus is to identify Sales Call Reluctance and reduce the level of Call Reluctance in the salespeople, recruit salespeople with less or no reluctance and identify Call Reluctance in the Company’s Management so it can be corrected as it is a toxic behaviour and it will damage a positive selling culture. In eight weeks, a new employed Salesperson start to get the same Sales Call Reluctance as it exist within the Management team.

The workshop is run twice a year in Dallas, Texas, USA and by Confident Approach in Europe two times a year. Minimum three participants and maximum 15. This workshop can be bought for internal use. Trainer Christer B Jansson that have the rights to train-the-trainer from BSRP Inc our supplier in Texas, USA.

Download the brochure in English or in Swedish to know more about the workshop.

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