FSA – Full Spectrum Advocacy

SPQ GOLD/FSA - Full Spectrum Advocacy

FSA – Full Spectrum Advocacy is our most widely used test with an extremely strong correlation to predict sales people´s future performance. The test is a development of one of the world’s best-selling tests to predict salespeople’ performance SPQ Gold and is based on the development of the sales role in recent years.

In most studies, top sellers turn out to be people who have more customers to sell to because they prospect more and look after their customers well. If we look at studies from the big sales training companies, these people have more drive, are more proactive and when reactive they act faster than their colleagues. They are also more performance- oriented and dedicated to achieving their goals.

The FSA as a test, measures drive for sales not in general but precisely for sales. We call it Motivation and is the energy you choose to invest to succeed in your work as a salesperson/businessperson. That energy should be used to reach your goals. In other words, we measure the Motivation to perform and the Goal Focus within the salesperson. Yes we have found that in our research over thousands of salespeople that the higher Motivation and Goal focus they sell more.

Although sellers are both Motivated and goal-focused, not everyone succeeds because of what we have chosen to call Sales Call Reluctance®, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cause the sales person to handle (coping) their inner conflict/fear by procrastinating in different ways. We have discovered 16 different types that affect a sales person´s everyday life and performance. We measure all of these, too.

With that information, we can predict whether the person you are hiring will at least be able to make the number of business contacts, customer visits, calls, etc. needed to become a successful salesperson, a top salesperson, medium or a low performer.

Both the research and the quality of the tests is mentioned by SIOP (Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology) in the United States as top quality and if you are in sales you should take a look at it. SIOP is the world’s largest psychology organization by the way.

We have several companies that use our test in the selection process when recruiting salespeople. These companies have all increased their sales significantly and by that, I mean doubled their sales in a few years.

Companies that also used the tests on their existing sales force and used a trained Sales Call Reluctance Consultant to help salespeople to reduce the degree of their sales barriers and increase productivity, have doubled their sales in the first year. Not all companies have received the extreme increase of course, but less than 25% increase is rarely.

Technical manual is available as well as references from users.

The difference between this test and personality test is basically simple. We’re talking about what the salesperson will do i.e. they will do 75 calls a day or conduct or 20 business meetings a week while personality tests tell you how you ARE, who are driven, are empathetic, are dominant, etc. that may be important to know as well but for other reasons.

The easiest way to go if you are interested in using the test in the selection process or to find out what is going on with your sales organization to find what the potential are to increase sales to find out is it worth the investment to help your salespeople increase the productivity. Will that give your money back in 3-6 month?

Why not try? Let us in the next recruitment show what information you can get from us or if you have a lot of recruitments use our test on some of the recruitments and follow up to see if these salespeople perform better. If so….

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about how you can proceed. And how we can help you and your salespeople to perform better and feel better.

Below you will find the Summary Report, Report Assist and Interview Support Summary for your guidance.

The SPQ Gold/FSA test questionnaire is translated to following languages and reports.

Language/Språk Questionnaire/Frågeformulär Report/Rapport
USA English/Engelska Yes/Ja Yes/Ja
UK English/Engelska Yes/Ja Yes/Ja
Swedish/Svenska Yes/Ja Yes/Ja
Finnish/Finska Yes/Ja Yes/Ja
Norwegian/Norska Yes/Ja* No/Nej
Estonian/Estniska Yes/Ja No/Nej
Russian/Ryska Yes/Ja No/Nej
Dutch/ Holländska Yes/Ja No/Nej
Spanish/Spanska Yes/Ja No/Nej
German/Tyska Yes/Ja Yes/Ja
Croatian/Kroatiska Yes/Ja Yes/Ja