FSA – Full Spectrum Advocacy

As a part of an ongoing research since 1990’s, done by Behavioral Sciences and Research Press, Full Spectrum Advocacy is an upgraded version of the Sales Preference Questionnaire – SPQ Gold. The new instrument brings newly discovered sales call reluctance types, new impostors, new scale classification and expanded quality assurance features among the others. It was developed to focus on specific behavioral competencies required for effective clientele-building, sales prospecting and business-building activities.

So what’s new?

1. New Scale Classification

– Diffused Scales – Types of call reluctance that can affect all prospecting methods

– Targeted Scales – Types of Call Reluctance that affects specific prospecting method

– Secondary Scales – Sales Extension and Arranging Payments

2. New Sub Scales

– Hyper-Pro (Appearance Proud, Voice Proud)

– Stage Fright (Image Concern, Content Concern)

– Social Self Consciousness (Wealth/Affluence, Power Influence, Education)

– Motivation (Amplitude, Duration, Velocity)

– Goal Level (Target, Strategy)

– Sales Extensions (Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, On-Selling)

3. New Sales Call Reluctance Types

– Online Prospecting Discomfort (prospecting via social media and other latest tech tools)

– Complex Selling (selling in complex sales environments)

– Sales Extensions (Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, On-Selling)

– Arranging Payments (this is close reluctance)

4. New Impostors

– Principal Based Exoneration

– Net Motivation

– Goal Allergic

– Information Bridge

– Sales Role Support Requirements

5. New Expanded Quality Assurance Features

– Embellishment (formerly Impression Management)

– Attitude Towards the Questionnaire

– Positive Posturing Scale

– Additional checks for random responding or highly unusual responses

6. New Supplemental Report Narratives

The new instrument measures competencies uniquely linked to high performance in sales.

The SPQ Gold Full Spectrum Advocacy can be ordered from Confident Approach.

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