Solutions for Salespeople

Do you want to get to the “next level” in your sales career but can’t figure out what’s holding you back?

Are you feeling frustrated because you know what to do, but you can’t seem to convince yourself to do it consistently?

Are you wondering if you should get out of sales altogether?

We get it. Not only have we been studying these problems for 40 years, but we’ve also felt them too. You CAN have the sales career you want even if you weren’t blessed with
a “sales personality.”


Most salespeople have Sales Call Reluctance test. The test we have done over the world exceeds 1 million test and 90% have Sales Call Reluctance more or less. Some so much it holds their sales career hostage.

If you think you can sell more if you initiate more contacts, self-promote more often actually make you more visible for the target groups you are selling to you are on the right place.

What we help salespeople with is to reduce the hesitation or an inner conflict most of us have to initiate contact with prospective buyers and clients. Some of us are aware of this and other salespeople not. Still if you think you could do more contacts with the right people, and it does not happen you are not alone. But it is for most salespeople something we can find out after you have done our SPQ Gold/FSA test that takes about 90 minutes to do. It the same the mechanic’s doing to cars today. They plug in their computer in the car and the car tells them what need to be fixed. We do the same, you answer our FSA test and our software computes that and give us data that can help us help you to improve.

After that you will get feedback on the result, and we can suggest you our Personal Best Program with one of our personal coaches or join our Power up your sales workshop with coaching after the workshop 4-8 times depending on your need. All coaching need to be tailored based on your test result and your knowledge, situation, and experience of yourself as a person.

We have helped many salespeople and sales organizations over some decades with proven results. All of our work is based on science as our tools and methods to help you perform better.

Interested please contact us for a proposal or to know more before you take your decision.