Robert Viličić

CTI Change = Consulting  Training – Implementation – Change

Do you know a professional who has been awarded a “lower” goal than expected for a good business outcome? Have you ever heard of a stagnating, but successful business? … Do you know a successful leader who fails to attain his goals? … our answer is NO!

If you agree, then you must know that the path to long-term success takes a lot of time and effort and that it does not come without changes, and not just any changes, but changes in human behaviour – our own behaviour, the team’s behaviour or that of the whole company. To achieve what we have not achieved up to now, we must start doing things we have not done so far.

This is not simple, as we cannot change behaviour only by getting team members to comply, but by getting them to commit … and every leader and experienced manager knows that getting the commitment of hearts and minds of people is not easy.

We deal with changes … We believe that we can help you with the biggest challenge of all – to implement strategies and reap the rewards … once you have decided WHAT must be done, the biggest question is HOW to get people to do this and meet the quality standards you seek. Our ambition is to become your long-term partner in growth through this process – an external resource which strives for excellence and consistency in all the services we provide.

Our goal is to turn your strategy into reality by applying state-of-the-art tools, tactics and methods for performance and result enhancement. To enable you to find more potential clients, to increase your income and to reduce your expenses … In short, to become more successful, both in the present and in the long run.

To this end, the knowledge, experience and competence of team members will not suffice… the biggest challenge is to make sales representatives apply the skills and experiences they have acquired through practice and training on a day-to-day basis. 

Within that focus, we have specialised in two key areas namely: 

  • Precise research of psychological barriers that can be identified at some stage of sales prospecting or business development process, experienced by many sales people and professionals in contact dependent situations.
  • Initiating behavioural change programs which can quickly and effectively eliminate those barriers once they have been properly diagnosed.

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