Over-Preparer – Reluctance Type

Over –Preparation Call Reluctance occurs in sensitive salespeople who become anxiously concerned about being swept away by the intensity of their own feelings. To cope, they force their emotions underground, developing interests in highly technical or artistic matters.

Over-Prepares manage their feelings by keeping them locked up and out of sight. Interactions with others are conducted through emotionally safe, information – bound channels. In sales they tend to spend too much time preparing what to say and how to say it, while spending too little time prospecting for people to give their presentations too. They often neglect to establish rapport with prospective buyers.

Source: The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance by George W. Duddley and Shannon L.Goodson

This type is very common of the 16 reluctance types and has some elevated levels in some of the industries that are technically sale oriented. Therefore, you are not alone trying to deal with the problem.

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