Master in Sales Excellence Workshop

Master in Sales Excellence is a workshop that will be organized by Confident Approach and Behavioral Sciences and Research Press between 14th and 17th November 2023. The Mater in Sales Excellence will be held at the Sigtuna Stadshotel, Arlanda (near Stockholm).

This workshop is focused on helping salespeople and sales organizations get rid of behavior that disfavors activity and the ability to create contact to replace it with behaviors that create activity and contact. To that we add the experience we have in the room together.

  • In general, you as a sales coach or sales manager will improve your ability to create contact with individuals or with groups when conducting sales presentations.
  • You get the most important basics of test theory, so you better understand choosing the right test in the context. You will learn to identify, manage, and work away sales barriers and strengthen what provides increased activity and contact.
  • You will also learn methods for dealing with sales obstacles based on CBT that you benefit from in many contexts.

Price € 4000 IN COURSE FEE + €1500 in full board

The course fee includes your own test, course book, textbook about sales obstacles, practical exercises, supervisor binder, technical manual, tools for coaching and much more.

We only take 6 participants and one has already signed up so 5 places left. The entire workshop is based on over 40 years of evidence-based research by two psychologists Shannon Goodson and George W Dudley who worked for the US Navy to help soldiers deal with fear before they started researching us salespeople and the behaviors we learn and carry with us.

To know more, you can download brochures in English or Swedish.

To register, please fill the form here.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, you can email Christer B. Jansson on