Inger Melkersson Jansson

Inger has extensive experience in working with training, coaching and development of teams and salespeople. She has a MBA in Business Administration 1979, University of Linköping in Sweden. Experience in Sales and Marketing 1979- 1991, different positions in sales, marketing manager and consultancy.

Employed in Belbin Sweden AB since 1991, owned by Inger and her husband. Business idea: We train the Trainer in advanced psychological research, we give Training programs for trainers and consultants and sell tests and training material to them.

In Sweden and Malta we represent Belbin Associates from the UK who made research on winning management teams (Belbin Team roles).
and in Sweden and the rest of Europe we represent Behavioral Sciences in Texas, USA who´s research is on performing sales people and found ways to measure and correct call reluctance, the hesitation to initiate contact.

Inger works with salespeople and also with managers to help them get rid of their call reluctance and both perform better and increase their well being.