For CEO´s or MD

This is for you that runs a company where the sales organization is very important for your company’s success on the market. If that is you, you are on the right spot. Sales Call Reluctance (SCR) is not a marketing slogan it is something that exist and cost most sales organizations a lot of lost money in sales.

  • You know your sales organization can develop and be better.
  • You understand that doing as you always done will not change the performance of your sales organizations it will be as before
  • You want to select when it comes to salespeople better as you still recruit low, average and some top performers. You may even now you missed some top performers as you did not recognized that in your current process.
  • You need more info quicker from the sales organization to take better strategic decisions for your organization.

Most organization doesn´t know how much money they lose and do not even now that they suffer from SCR. Why is it so? The answer is easy and simple to understand. SCR express itself as values and attitudes about selling not only a pumping heart, butterflies in the stomach or cold hand and it is toxic to. It takes 8 weeks until a new salesperson has the same SCR types as the management in the company. So, it is understandable that we have it and less understandable that we do not address it as it is so much money that get lost, and it reduces the information speed from the sales organization about our clients. With less contacts and less thrust from clients we lose both speed and quality of information from clients due to SCR.

As a CEO or MD reducing the SCR by start selecting salespeople with less reluctance is a great start together with reducing the SCR in the Sales organization as SCR is toxic. Effect of doing this is you get salespeople up to reach their productivity level quicker than before. That gives you money back. They take sales training better with less reluctance, so you get better effect of that training too. They stay longer and sell more than salespeople with reluctance. Reduce recruiting cost over time and increase sales turnover a lot.

For your strategy with more contacts with your clients and prospect you gain more information quicker than before from your sales organization that also give you a strategic advance compared to your competitors.

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