Become Certified FSA/SPQ GOLD User

FSA/SPQ Gold stands for Full Spectrum Advocacy/Sales Preference Questionnaire and is the only assessment in the world specifically engineered to detect and measure all sixteen types of Sales Call Reluctance and call reluctance impostors.

Intelligent CEO’s, Sales and HR Managers in companies throughout the world no longer guess who they are hiring. By using FSA/SPQ Gold, they know exactly who they are hiring.

The FSA/SPQ Gold is used throughout the world by major companies, in financial services industry, banking, insurance, manufacturing, IT industry, consulting, media and real estate.

Prospecting in simple terms is defined as the proactive step to identify new business opportunity and at later stage transfer them into the customer.

To be successful in prospecting sales representatives need to be emotionally capable at first place. There are technical components to prospecting, but learning procedures and mechanics is the straightforward and uncomplicated part!

Once a salesperson is on board, the companies are responsible to provide the coaching and training to get them “know-how” equipped and productive. This definitely requires strategy, structure and execution. But the question here is do we know exactly where to invest our training money? With the use of FSA/SPQ Gold assessment it can be clearly identified where to put the money where the mouth is. If for instance, we hire someone who suffers from Sales Call Reluctance, we are probably defeating ourselves even before we start.

Many companies in the world are using FSA/SPQ Gold in their recruitment process as well as in the various internal projects where the ultimate outcome should be improvement of sales productivity.

The FSA/SPQ Gold sales assessment test detects the hidden fears of your sales candidate or employee. Significantly, you will be able to find out how to best train, coach and develop sales individuals and how much time and effort you will be required to help the salesperson start produce at the high level.

Companies that use FSA/SPQ Gold assessment tool are saving their time, money, stress, frustration and most importantly lost opportunities for new business development.

This can be opportunity for everyone who wants to learn how to make prospecting process at consistent level in any company.

To become certified you will need to attend one of our next Master in Sales Excellence workshop to be held between 14th and 17th November 2023.

Feel free to reach out to us here and we will provide you with more info and dates.