Anette Wallström

Senior Consultant and Trainer
My first acquaintance with Sales Call Reluctance (SPQ®Gold) was in 1997, when my husband had great success within his sales team as well as personally using this method. My curiosity was aroused, as I have always been interested in behavior, communication between people and human potential. What makes the difference? This took me to further explore behavioral science and in 2009 I also became a licensed SPQ-consultant.

In my work as a trainer and coach, working with leaders as well as sales teams, it is becoming increasingly clear that individuals and organizations need more advanced skills to thrive and flourish in times of increasing complexity. Self leadership, I believe is one key ingredient to develop consciousness and transform business. Using SPQ/FSA and LNQ are great tools in this area. Through the assessments it becomes clear what is going on in the mind of the individual, and how that in the long run, affects the results of that person in their work and relationships with customers as well as colleagues.

You are welcome to contact me if you would like to explore how you can transform your business by realizing the hidden potential within your organization.