A study from the Gartner Group

A recent Gartner survey of more than 900 sellers reveals that 89% are burned out, and 54% are actively seeking a new job. Yet, even, as economic uncertainty leads to even higher levels of deal variability and unpredictability, chief sales officers must find ways to increase their sellers’ motivation, hunger and energy to drive deals to closure.”

There is many things behind this and one of the largest reasons is Sales Call Reluctance that a lot of Sales Managers are Ignorant about or just do not believe i 40 years of empirical research from two fantastic psychologist coming from U.S marine and working to help soldiers managing fear.

The test SPQ Gold/FSA measure the 16 forms of Sales Call Reluctance which base are fear and also other important factors like Motivation, Performance anxiety, goal focus, goal diffusion etc.

With that information we can help sales people reduce their Sales Call Reluctance through CBT and other issues as Goal Diffusion, Low Motivation etc with other relevant Methods for these issues.

The figure Gartner Group are finding is understandable as very few Sales Organizations work to reduce Sales Call Reluctance as they mostly invest in skill training i different areas. They do not invest in the emotions salespeople have. How would you feel going to a job every day and feel scared for some parts of your job? Procrastination is one way to handle it, but you will lose money and get harder to reach your sales goal. Change to another job that is not in sales is a solution and our industry losing many clever people to other job and you may be leaving a profession you would be great at and love if it not was for all this prospecting. Burn out is a bad word as you can come back so I like the word exhaustion syndrome. But this syndrome is very costly.

The most common reason to all this is Sales Call Reluctance, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are based on a fear response, and it have 16 different shapes. From Stage fright and Telephobia that you can feel in your body to behaviors like Hyper Professional and Yielder behavior. Go to www.confidentapproach.com if you want to know more about these behaviors.)

All this behaviors when we now through the test SPQ Gold/FSA the sales person suffer from we can help using Cognitive Behavior Training. It works and are a very good investment I your salespeople. They sell more, stay longer so what more do you want.

So we are many trained consultants that can help you with this i Sweden and we are growing in Europe and need more partners as this problem is worldwide. If you want to know more contact me please if you want to get help with your sales organization with this topic or want to be an accredited trainer to help people get rid of their Sales Call Reluctance.