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Management Training Workshop

A four day counter-offensive workshop against the productivity-sapping causes and effects of sales call

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SSPA™ - Selling Style Profile Analysis™

There are various selling style personalities. Instead of force-fitting yourself into somebody else's mold,...

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Podcast: Conversation with Anders Wennergren

Podcast: Conversation with Anders Wennergren

Another podcast, published on iTunes, where you will find a conversation with Anders Wennergren, former CEO of...

  • Terminalen Executive Search

    Peder Hansson - CEO & Owner

    "The fact that, during the recruitment process, we can predict the future performance of sales people, in a scientifically proven way, gives us direct benefits of even more satisfied customers". 

    Terminalen Executive Search

  • Made for Sales

    Goran Fryklund - CEO

    "The Sales Call Reluctance significantly affects the success of sales people. When recruiting people on behalf of our customers, we use the SPQ GOLD test as a tool to contribute to the whole picture. In particular, we use it when in-depth interviews are conducted and it helps us to access and discover behavioral dimension that we would not have been aware of otherwise".
  • DokuMera AB

    Hans-Olov Hjalmarsson - CEO

    "Among other tests, we use SPQ Gold assessment to recruit sales people in our company. We feel that SPQ Gold is an excellent recruitment tool because of its ability to show accurate correlation between test results and actual sales behavior of a candidate. Through consistent use of SPQ GOLD, we have gained many insights about sales call reluctance and sales behavior".

    DokuMera AB

About Confident Approach

Our company is a business service provider that is primarily focused on helping companies improve their sales productivity. Within that focus, we have specialized in two key areas:
- Precise research of psychological barriers that can be identified at some stage of sales prospecting or business development process, experienced by many sales people and professionals in contact dependent situations. 

- Initiating behavioral change programs which can quickly and effectively eliminate those barriers once they have been properly diagnosed. 

Throughout our history, we have successfully balanced good science, sound psychological applications and excellent customer service and support.

We use the best tools, tactics and methods to provide our customers with a confirmed path to find more prospects and produce more revenue.