Solutions for Recruiters

We are offering a Solutions for Recruiters when proper recruitment of sales people is needed. 

  • Do you want to improve your selection process of salespeople?
  • Do you still hire people you like, and they do not perform well?
  • Do you have a feeling you are missing some top performers you did not choose?

Are you happy with the selection process of salespeople you recruit? Are you happy and think maybe we can improve, or you are not happy and need to get it better?

Then you are in the right place.

One thing is for sure, if you continue as you always did, nothing will change. If you want to be better, you maybe need to rethink some of your beliefs and thoughts about salespeople and what it is important to measure.


As a recruiter, you are one of the most important persons for your sales managers because you present them with what you all wish for – no low performing salespeople (yes, it still it happens) and average to high producers. But you do not really know that in your recruitment process. Using our tool you would know it better.

You can choose just to add our tool to your selection process and as earlier as possible as the most critical key indicator for success normally is will this person sell and doing the calls and create the contact needed to get into a business dialogue. Some of our clients after the first interview use our test and if ok they take the candidate into the existing process and others continue to use it with end candidates and get the results that no one will be a good performer in sales.

If you already use psychometric tests think of this; Personality tests only provide broad descriptions of who your salespeople are. Our science-based Sales Preference Assessment will tell you what they will actually do. This single shift profoundly changes the way sales leaders inspire and manage their teams.

Let us add our competence and tools to reduce the level of recruiting low performers, missing high performers and recruiting them instead and find average performers that have the ability to be high producers after specific sales call reluctance training.

We can do this for you, both test candidates or train you and people in your company doing it yourself. If doing it for yourself, you go to our accreditation program the Scientific Sales Selection Program we run over four meetings of two hours online or one day. If you want to learn even more so you can coach the people you recruit you instead shall choose our Master in Sales Excellence that runs irl over four days.

Please contact us if you want to know more or get a proposal.