Pekka Sinervo

I am a sales professional with long sales manager and trainer experience. I have “take charge”- kind of a mentality for new tasks and able to perform under pressure. As the director and trainer I am considered to be demanding but fair and I’m able to inspire the team to work well.

My goal in business is to implement new way of making and managing sales in a professional way. I’m always interested in new, interesting challenges, where I can develop also myself, meet new people and exploit my current network. My motto: “Every day is a new opportunity”

Sertified train-to-trainer for Gazing Performance Systems Performance under Pressure – Gazing Performance Systems Mindset Management – Gazing Performance Systems Mindset Sales – Gazing Performance Systems 
Mindset Customer Service – Gazing Performance Systems 

See more: Advanced User of SPQ*GOLD® (Sales Preference Questionare), accredited to instruct The Fear-
Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop® (see more:
) see more: Certified trainer for Genos Emotional Intelligence.