Anna Ulfsparre

Senior Consultant
*Accredited in new SPQ*Gold/FSA test, 2017

Anna Ulfsparre has been working with Sales Call Reluctance and Selling Style Profile Analysis (SSPA) since 2004. The results have been outstanding within the companies she has been working with.

With a background as international economist together with experience from journalism and more than 20 yrs of sales, Anna has a capacity of coaching salespeople in a very effective way. With the experience of testing several SPQ-tests since 2004, Anna has the experience of helping salespeople and to discover their main challenge in sales.

Salespeople have gone from to excellent results within only a few months. Prestera Utbildning has helped groups to put a name on their fears within selling and found a way to handle this fear and to overcome it.

SPQ*GOLD is a result of many years of research and the only test in the world developed to measure all 12 types of Sales Call Reluctance. We recommend all companies to uncover the barriers of sales reluctance that the personnel may suffer from, in order to make them deliver the result that they really deserves.