Second Opinion

During the selection process, when you have checked all the boxes, you may want to back up your final decision with a second professional opinion.

This service can be used when you’re unsure on whether you should recruit a potential candidate or not. Whether you have done the selection yourself or with the help from the HR or Recruitment agencies, we can help you make your decision by using specific and unique assessment tools.

We will test the person with three to four different assessments and they are as follows:


which measures 12 types of sales call reluctance, motivation and goal focus

Selling Style Profile Analysis

which measures six different selling styles, how the salesperson is trained to sell

CSI – Career Style Inventory 

A broad assessment measuring how the person will perform on the job such as social skills, decision skill, stress management, learning skills and how to handle long term and short term goals.


Our only personality assessment that measure intelligence, Machevelliaism, narcissism tendencies. Only used when a candidate looks too good to be true.

Screening Process

Did you ever hire someone with an impressive resume and ample experience, expecting a certain level of performance, but ending up with something completely different? Do key members of your sales team have certain characteristics that may be holding them back from achieving their full potential?

Over the last 30 years, psychologists and researchers we work with, have dealt with the complexity of human nature and created highly-validated assessments that enable every CEO and HR Managers to create a blueprint of how to eliminate many of the common problems they encounter with their sales teams.

With our screening process, we help you save time and minimise the risk of missing out on high performers or recruit low achievers. We believe this is worth your investment in the long run.

The results, which your company will benefit from when you order one of our screening packages, are related to finding the answers to the three most important questions when it comes to the ability to predict future sales force performance.

  • How much will they sell?
  • How fast will they reach their maximum production level?
  • How much does the company need to invest to get them to their maximum production level?

Please get in touch if you are interested to use our screening services or in need for a second opinion.