Confident Approach

Christer B Jansson

I am the founder of Confident Approach and have worked with Sales Call Reluctance since 1997. So probably the one that have used the concept helping others for the longest time.

Since 2017 I also am the one who can accredit other trainers in Europe. My background in sales started as a purchaser for three years before I went over to see the other side. I started in selling electric machines to the construction industry and it went very well. After a couple of year with over 150 travel days I moved into the media industry and started selling advertising for Sweden’s largest morning paper Dagens Nyheter. I made a career at the paper and left when they offered me to be production manager. Instead I become sales manager for an outdoor advertising company.

After that I moved in as a Marketing manager/Sales manager at a consultant company. I also got my consultant training here for two years. After that I started my own company MarknadsCompetens that 1991 become Belbin in Sweden as me and my partner bought the rights to represent Belbin from U.K in Sweden. 1997 We bought the rights for Sales Call
Reluctance for Sweden and Norway and today we are building in all of Europe.

My background and experience working with accountant companies, insurance industry, Logistic companies, production companies, finance, real estate agents and much more have developed a understanding of the different situations sales people need to handle and also what bonds all sales whatever you sell.

With my network and the partners, I already have in Europe I can take on larger sales development project and deliver in different languages around Europe with my partners. Both I and we do have a great track record when it comes to increase your sales with profit and reducing recruitment cost as a bi effect of what we do.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to increase your sales turnover.