WE are looking for partners in Europe.

We are looking for partners in Europe. Today we have partners in Sweden, Finland, Holland, Spain and Germany. We are specially looking for more Partners in Germany (with another focus than the one we have), UK, France, Poland and Italy. We do not say no if you are coming from another European country. As a […]

Sales innovation expo 19th November

85% of sales people worldwide are uncomfortable selling to some degree. Learn how to spot it and what to do about it based on 40+ years of scientific research. Suitable for sales managers and other sales executives who are responsible for the performance of a sales team 3 Key Takeaways: Learn the real reason your […]

Sales innovation expo 18th November

What is affecting the behavior of salespeople? Based on 40 years of research and on over 1 million questionnaires provided to salespeople all over the world, factors were found which separate high from low sales producers. Can you change the mindset of low producers so they become top producers? Come and listen to Christer’s seminar […]

Relentless – The Science of Barrier Busting Sales

Relentless is a new book written by Suzanne C. Dudley and Trelitha R. Bryant and based on the ground breaking work of George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson. Whether you sell a product or service or market yourself, you can learn to overcome the fears that hold your career hostage. Become an effective advocate […]

Prospecting – One of the seller’s most important tasks

Another article written by Christer B. Jansson about Prospecting and why it is considered to be one of the most important tasks in front of sales person. Article is published in Swedish on the Sales Effect web site and can be found here.  

New article published on the Sales Effect web site

A new article, written by Christer B. Jansson is published on the Sales Effect web site. Article written in Swedish can be found here.  

About Motivation and what separates High and Low Sales Producers

In this new article, published on motivation.se, Christer B. Jansson CEO of Confident Approach reflects on the research behind Sales Call Reluctance and talks about what motivates sales people and what separates high and low sales producers. Article is written in Swedish and can be found here.  

Advanced Management Accreditation Training

Advanced Management Accreditation is a four day training about bringing change to unproductive behavior patterns to achieve measurable, bottom-line results. It will equip trainers, managers and other professionals with the tools and knowledge essential to countering the emotional barriers that keep talented, motivated professionals from earning what they are worth. Upon completion you will be […]

Confident Approach at the Sales Innovation Expo in London

This year Confident Approach will be exhibiting at the Sales Innovation Expo in London on the 27 & 28 March. This will be a Europe’s leading sales event, the only show of its kind to provide thousands of the most proactive sales professionals, with the tips, tricks and techniques they need to transform themselves, and […]

Waiting for the Right Time Could Sabotage a Sales Career!

Waiting for the Right Time Could Sabotage a Sales Career! – Article written by Christer B Jansson for the Top Sales World Magazine. Check the link on page 32.