You Cannot Coach From The Locker Room

You cannot coach from the locker room is a pretty simple metaphor pointing out today’s approach implemented by many managers in different companies. Many are implementing coaching via excel sheet, via email, sometimes in a traditional classroom settings and some of them are not implementing at all.

So what is your approach? How do you coach your employees?

We work extensively on how call reluctance affect leadership and sales in different companies.
Call reluctance might prevent us from doing the coaching when it is mostly needed and on a daily basis. Coaching is best when implemented in a real time, i.e. on spot, it happens when its needed. When your employees perform specific tasks, it’s much more efficient to coach them at that particular moment than coaching them, for example, at home or spare time.

Do you want to learn more about how to coach your employees on spot, when they perform specific tasks? We offer a workshop where you can translate your theoretical knowledge into practical action.
For the autumn we have booked three dates, one of which is in Karlstad (Sweden) on the 29th August 2018.

Here is a brief summary of the content;
* How to make yourself visible
* Scared managers get scared employees – Dare to be visible
* Thoughts, feelings and behaviors that prevent us from reaching our goals
* The importance of networking both internally and externally
* Your strengths as being visible as a leader
* What prevents you from reaching your full potential in networking
* Your own action plan to be visible in your leadership

Price SEK 5,950kr/person incl. VAT and own LNQ test report, the book The Psychology of Call Reluctance (in Swedish), course documentation, own action plan, coffee and lunch.
For registration or more information;, tel 08-446 4940