Wilhelm Tham

Senior Consultant
My name is Wilhelm Tham. I am a Senior Consultant at Agera Sales. I have worked with sales and marketing for the greater part of my career. During the first part, in IT and media industries with development, marketing, and sales of financial news and quotes services to banks and other financial institutions.

During later years, I have foremost been working with headhunting and selection with focus on sales personell. Since a few years back, I have had the opportunity to revive my old interest in IT-services by working with a Norwegian company helping them to accquire customers in Sweden for their CRM-solution.

At Agera Sales I work primarily with selections, second opinions and our IT-based tools for performance measuring. I also perform staff assessments.

I am licensed user of the SPQ®Gold and FSA analyses, Selling styles analysis SSPA. and CSI (Career Styles Inventory)

Finally I have a B.A. in Business and Social Sciences from the University of Uppsala.

It is my sincere hope that through my deep experience as a qualified recruiter and last by not least, my network contribute to your success.