WE are looking for partners in Europe.

We are looking for partners in Europe. Today we have partners in Sweden, Finland, Holland, Spain and Germany. We are specially looking for more Partners in Germany (with another focus than the one we have), UK, France, Poland and Italy. We do not say no if you are coming from another European country.

As a partner you are taking care of a country and driving the business there. You make your own assignment and you find other consultants external as internal in your country that also would like to work with the concept. We at Confident Approach will coordinate larger business that will include more countries than one.

We already have paid for the rights in your country so what you need to pay is translation of the material you need to use and your training. You will find some of our partners below and what they think. Please contact us for a dialogue to find out more.

Best regards
Christer B Jansson
CEO and Founder of Confident Approach AB