Ulrika Sandborg

Senior Consultant
I have been working with Sales Call Reluctance and Selling Style Profile Analysis (SSPA) since 2005 and is accredited in the new SPQ*Gold/FSA test since 2017.

My background is within Sales management in the Swedish IT Industry since late 1980s. I have experience as a Managing Director and Nordic Sales Manager but also in direct sales as a Key Account Manager (KAM). I know, for a fact, how Sales Call Reluctance feels like and how it can affect the result within a sales team. Being a manager you are responsible for the result of your team and FSA is an excellent tool in managing your salespeople. It is also an excellent tool in recruitment in order to make sure that you recruit the right behavior but it also gives you “a map” how to coach the new member of your team.

For the last 14 years I have been working with FSA and SSPA as a consultant helping management teams to increase their companies business and work with effective sales processes. I work as a Mentor to the sales manager, coaching the salespersons and give a 2ndopinion when recruiting key members to the company. FSA makes sure that both my clients and I get outstanding results.