Relentless – The Science of Barrier Busting Sales

Relentless is a new book written by Suzanne C. Dudley and Trelitha R. Bryant and based on the ground breaking work of George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson.

Whether you sell a product or service or market yourself, you can learn to overcome the fears that hold your career hostage. Become an effective advocate for your interests – proudly, ethically, and above all, relentlessly.

For generations, salespeople have possessed a well-defined reputation as outgoing, fearless, and audacious. But for many, the familiar stereotypes mask a darker reality. Far from being unstoppable selling machines, they struggle with a secret fear of prospecting. Whether on the phone, in person, online, or in front of groups, initiating contact with prospective buyers causes discomfort and distress. So they avoid it. Instead of making calls, they make excuses. It’s a costly trade-off.

Sales call reluctance – emotional hesitation to prospect – can be a career-killer. Studies show that up to 80% of new salespeople may fall victim to it. And 40% of veteran sellers have considered leaving the profession because of negative feelings toward prospecting.

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This book will be available in Swedish language soon.