Lars Sjödin

Senior Consultant and Trainer
My name is Lars Sjödin and I am the owner of Lars Sjödin Network. We are a network of coaches, trainers and consultants working within the area of behavioural science. I myself have a strong fascination for influential psychology, human behaviour and communication. In my work, with all from top athletes and coaches to project teams and managers, my goal is always reinforces the interpersonal processes that help them both as team and individuals to perform at their best.

Today it might be more useful than ever to make yourself influential, no matter if you are a leader, pitching sales or an influencer. As a leader it is not just the team you lead it is also about the dotted lines to other people in the organisation that can help you fulfil your goals and as a salesperson it is not just about being excellent in the actual conversation with a customer – it is even more about getting rid of the possible obstacles that might hinder you from making even more business. And as an influencer, well it is already in the title – how can you be an influencer if you are not managing your visibility? As a licensed consultant I have for nearly 10 years been using SPQ/FSA, LNQ and JSI as sharp tools for helping leaders, salespeople and in people in carrier coaching programmes explore and develop their visibility management, sales productivity and self promotion. If you want to explore your real potential in self-promotion through these excellent tools or if you have low performing sales teams you are welcome to contact me.