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Madrid, Spain


Juan Moreno

Senior Partner
*Accredited in new SPQ*Gold/FSA test, 2021

Juan has a technical and business background, and has developed a big part of his career in the IT sector, in the Marketing arena. He’s got a degree in Physics and Marketing and Business background through ESIC, IESE and McKinsey.

He’s cofounder in Deker Marketing Consultants, where he applies his experience to help other companies in the Marketing and Sales area.

In Juan’s own words:

“Marketing is what you do to make your product or service available for your customers. Sales is accessing them to make a proposal with it. Do not confuse both. For most of the companies, Marketing is not enough; we must sell. And for selling we must contact the customer. This is the key. Easy to say, but it does not seem to be so easy to put in practice. Many sales teams fall short of contacts to sell enough. SPQ is the best approach we’ve met to measure and change that behaviour.”