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Javier Moreno

Director and Senior Partner
*Accredited in new SPQ*Gold/FSA test, 2020

Throughout his professional career, Javier has held commercial management positions in companies in the textile industry as well as in the field of textile distribution, business consultancy and market research services. He’s been Professor at University of the Basque Country – University Business School of the Chamber of Commerce in Bilbao. He is also a collaborator and regular speaker in many Chambers of Commerce, companies and institutions all around Europe. Javier Moreno Oto has a degree in Communication Sciences. He is also Expert in Personal Development and Team Leadership. Advanced Diploma in Management Skills, Advanced Diploma in Team Coaching.

He’s founder and Director in Deker Marketing Consultants.

In Javier’s own words:

“… We know that best salespeople behave differently, so we focus on those concrete behaviors that has direct correlation with top performing. That’s the way I have personally improved my own productivity over 300! It is science, as simple as that !”