How to Overcome a Sales Call Reluctance

A new version of a book, How to Overcome a Sales Call Reluctance is published in Swedish.

The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You’re Worth in Sales was written by George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson and was originally published in 2007.

The book is about overcoming the fear of self-promotion.

Some people are natural promoters. They are born with the instinct to self-promote. For others often the most loyal, motivated and deserving self-promotion is emotionally difficult. They are rendered invisible by a spirit-crushing condition the authors call the fear of self-promotion.

When the fear of self-promotion victimizes salespeople, emotionally limiting their ability to initiate contact with prospective buyers, it s tagged sales call reluctance. Far more than the fear of making cold calls or using the telephone, sales call reluctance obstructs all forms of prospecting for new business. And it costs. Each year, sales call reluctance single-handedly accounts for over half of all failures in one of the largest professions in the world.

This book is the second edition that is published in Swedish.

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