Annika Widén

Senior Consultant
*Accredited in new SPQ*Gold/FSA test, 2017

Annika Widén can support your company in the recruitment process of Sales personnel and ensure that you hire motivated people who perform and deliver fast. She is a certified SPIN coach and is an accredited Advanced user of SPQ*GOLD. She can analyse what Sales Reluctance your Sales personnel has and coach them to exceed their targets. Annika has a background as an International Project Manager within Telemarketing and Sales. She has 10+ years of experience within Recruitment, Sales and Telemarketing. She has successfully coached and championed the results for a number of Business Developers from many different countries and companies such as SAP and VMware, to name but a few.

Annika recommends all companies to uncover the barriers of sales reluctance that personell suffers from in order to make them exceed in delivering and feel more comfortable at work. SPQ*GOLD is a result of many years of research and the only test in the world developed to measure all 12 types of Sales Call Reluctance.