Quality Sales International AB

Anders Wennergren

Senior Partner
*Accredited in new SPQ*Gold/FSA test, 2017

Anders has a background within IT and Media industries in different positions like Sales resp. Key Account Manager and Sales Manager. After ten years at Mercuri International as Senior Sales consultant and Managing Director he is now co-owner in QualitySales. QualitySales is challenging the traditional view at sales. We believe that competence of the individuals is important, and it will increase, but what is even more essential is to bridge that competence towards a structure. QualitySales design process capital and gluing processes to various adjacent competence in the Sales organization.


I got my first contact with SPQ Gold in the late nineties and got my license in Dallas. I´ve used the concept, as a Sales Manager, in three own organization both in the recruitment phase and as a training in a current sales organization. As a sales consultant I´ve recommended many of my clients to use SPQ Gold and they have. So far after more than 15 years, none of them is displeased. On the contrary, it has helped my clients to save money, securing the recruitment and simply become more successful.