Next Scientific Sales Selection Workshop

Scientific Sales Selection is specifically designed one day course for Recruiters, HR and Sales Managers and Practitioners.

Date: May 16th, 2018

Time: 9am - 5pm

Place: Örebro, Sweden  

Course Overview

This course is to help your company improve its ability to select top sales producers. The principles presented in this course apply to any sales assessment managers may use. However, the focus is on developing the knowledge and skills required to interpret the SPQ® Gold assessment and utilize it in sales selection applications.

Topics Covered

·         Importance of Sales Function

·         Sales Candidacy: Assessment

·         Predicting Sales Ability

·         Identifying Sales Call Reluctance

·         Evaluating Test Results

Course Skill Building Exercises

In each of the exercises below, individuals will work in small groups.

1.     Interpreting the SPQ Gold Assessment (different case studies)

2.     Spotting Sales Call Reluctance

3.     Using Multiple Sources of Information

4.     Picking the Top Sales Producer 

At the end of the course participants will receive accreditation certificates.

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The SPQ Gold is the only test in the world specifically and scientifically engineered to measure the prospecting fitness of people whose career is in sales, sales management and customer contact. The assessment clearly classifies how much initiative, energy and drive an individual has to be able to self-prospect on a consistent level. It identifies the difficulties of initiating first contact with buyers which would lead to failure in developing sales.


At Confident Approach we believe that every company needs to take responsibility for developing sales skills, attitudes and behaviours of their workforce needed for business success and personal growth. Our scientific and direct approach enables us to get to the hub of the problem and to provide balanced and practical solutions. 

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