Why imitating others doesn't work in Sales

Written by Annika Widen

Starting selling can be tough. Some companies don't invest much time ton coaching new Business Developers, but they use the same routine for all new hires. They are told what to say, how to say it and given a script. Some are given a coaching session on how to handle objections. Then they have them sit by more experienced agents to listen in to the calls. Finally, some product/service training and then - on the phone! Time is money!

Panic! Not everyone will make it. Even the little coaching that has been done, has turned out to be useless and even counterproductive. Not all the new agents can take after other people's words and behaviors. "Why does it work for them and not for me?" can be the result of such a coaching and a sense of helplessness will fill the new hire, which will make it even more difficult to sell successfully.

The script is not enough to cover all questions and to handle objections. Tips and tricks are always good to have, but the person on the phone needs to be able to use the own personality to sound credible to the prospect or client and to give the best service.

Most Sales People have three of the 12 different types of Sales Call Reluctance® and they are all contagious. When putting a new agent near a more experienced one who suffers from some of them, the new agent will most probably be "infected", having then to struggle with the new ones in addition to their own. It is important that each Sales person gets a proper training according to the own needs and learns how to tackle their own fears.