How much do you spend on coaching and training?

Written by Annika Widen

Coaching and training are fundamental. You cannot have a person sell without them knowing how to do so or having enough information of the product/service they are supposed to sell. It is important to keep coaching the personnel also when they are up and running. I have written a lot about training and coaching, since these are key factors to success.

But how much time to you spend on the initial coaching and training sessions? How much money? How long does it take before your Sales Personnel get their first lead? Some of the companies I have dealt with have told me it could take a month before a Sales person had taken the training. The new hire is often coached in soft skills and sales methodology for 2 weeks and then product/service training for another 2 weeks. That is 1 month of training. One month salary for the trainee and costs for coaches, trainers and more. That could be a great investment if the company is sure that the Sales person will actually sell when the training month is over. Too often that is not the case, though.

Unfortunately it is not rare that companies hire people that seem great Sales People at first but then do not deliver. The Candidate who seemed social and talkative during the coaching and training sessions may not be up to the expectations. They might be disappointing and disappointed when getting on the phone and the fear of self-promotion seizes them. A person who suffers from ISCIS - Inhibited Social Contact Initiation Syndrome often does not know about having this obstacle. A new Sales person may think it is only a question of shyness and might do everything to hide the fear to colleagues and managers. They struggle hard to reach the goals but do not succeed. Excuses might be provided instead of results and neither you nor the new hired person can explain why there are no or few leads. You will notice quite soon that a person does not deliver as you would have wished. Too few phone calls and leads in the daily reports, few new contacts updated in the data base and too little information provided in each lead is what you get. A person who suffers from ICSIS can cost a lot of money and is contagious. 

The fear of prospecting will easily affect the team members in about 8 weeks. How much will this cost? Can you afford it?