How difficult is it to recruit Sales people?

Written by Annika Widen

Many of the Recruiters I talk to find it difficult to hire the right Sales people. They spend hours on interviews, role-play activities and personality tests and yet, it happens that they feel unsure about the candidates’ ability to sell. They might be sure that they will hire excellent team players, responsible employees and "good" people, but - how much will they sell?

What if you could measure the Candidate Sales Skills before starting the interview process? What if you could get the answers to three fundamental questions?

  • How much will they sell?
  • How fast?
  • At what cost?

Companies have goals to meet and need to measure the performance of the Sales people. How important are the KPIs for you? This is how Walter Rogers at Salesforce describes the definition of KPIs in Forbes.

It is KEY to the success of your organization. For example, is the number of sales contacts per week important to the success of your organization?
     It is related to PERFORMANCE when it can be clearly measured, quantified and easily influenced by the members of your team. For example, do you have a benchmark that tells you that when a sales maker makes at least 5 contacts with Executive level decision makers during a sales cycle the value of the final deal will go up by 40%?
It is used as an INDICATOR; in other words, it is something that provides leading information about  future results. For example, one version of the 80/20 rule says that 80% of a sales maker’s production is generated by activity in 20% of their accounts. Given that information, it might be a good idea to track the number of calls and the amount of time each sales maker spends with high value contacts in those accounts, and set some specific expectations there that can be measured.


How can you know that the candidate you are about to hire will prospect enough to meet the KPIs? By measuring the Sales Call Reluctance before hiring, you will already know beforehand if the person will be a good fit for your Sales team when it comes to prospecting - and therefore - selling. The candidate can take the test SPQ* GOLD from the own computer and the results will be delivered to you, together with an interpretation of the results. We can also help you find the right interview questions to understand how the Sales Call Reluctance may affect the Candidates that you want to know more about.. Should you have a big volume of candidates, you can easily have them take the test and we can deliver just the answers to the three fundamental questions above. After that, you can continue as usual, interviews, role-plays, psychological tests and so on. The volume will be smaller and filtered for you. 

After having the Candidates take the test, you will know that you are interviewing the right target - Sales People who will meet the KPIs..

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