Full Spectrum Advocacy

Behavioral Sciences and Research Press Inc. unveiled a new on-line psychological test to help companies take the guesswork out of hiring top producing salespeople. The new instrument, SPQ*GOLD/Full Spectrum Advocacy, measures competencies uniquely linked to high performance in sales. Salespeople scoring high on the new test were eight times more effective at seeking new customers and clients than their lower scoring counterparts. Results achieved by the new test were introduced April 9th during the 2016 annual convention of the Southwestern Psychological Association in Dallas, Texas.

The test is the outcome of long term research on sales effectiveness begun in the 1990's. "It was developed from the outset to focus on specific behavioral competencies required for effective clientele-building, sales prospecting and business-building," Trelitha R. Bryant, Senior Vice-president, Field Testing & Research at Behavioral Sciences Research Press, said. "The measures are connected to critical revenue-generating behaviors."

"Full Spectrum Advocacy is not another personality, aptitude or values test like those often entrusted to predict sales ability," noted Prof. Jeff Tanner, Dean of the Strome College of Business at Old Dominion University in Virginia. "The rigor underlying the development of this instrument is a welcome addition to the tests currently used for sales selection, which have not always been among the best examples of informed psychological measurement practice."  

Lane Kramer, founder of the CEO Institute in Dallas, Texas, said "a true innovation, like the Full Spectrum Advocacy sales test, can result in a huge potential return on investment for any organization."

SOURCE: Behavioral Sciences Research Press Inc.

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