Before the call – Do you prepare or over-prepare?

Written by Annika Widen

Before calling a client or a prospect you need to prepare yourself. You have to know who you are calling and be prepared to talk about the product or service you are going to sell. Most people also look up some information about the company and check the CRM to gather some history and background before calling and I think that is a good habit. In a Telemarketing company a colleague might have been in contact with the person you are about to call, and it is an advantage if you can check that up. Depending on what you are about to sell, it is also a plus to know something about the existing environment of the customer. If you can’t find that information in a quick way, don’t worry! Remember that you can always ask the things you do not know! How much time should you spend on preparing for each call? There is no rule. Keep in mind, though, that most calls will be unanswered and it would be a waste of time to prepare too long for each call.

Today we know about 12 types of Sales Call Reluctance and one of these is called “Over-Preparation”. A person who over-prepares is a sensitive person who manages the feelings by keeping them locked and kept aside. Since they are anxious about being swept away by their own feelings, they spend too much time preparing what to say and how to say it. They often stress about technical information and deep presentations instead of prospecting. The Over-Preparer tends to underact and over-analyze and has to be perfectly prepared for each call. The Over-Preparer spends energy and time on preparing in order not to have to cope with the fear of the phone call.

We need to pay attention and understand the difference between the Over-Preparer and the person who simply needs to have enough information to make a good call. A Sales Person who wants to be able to understand a client or prospect and introduce a product or service to them should be prepared to talk about the offer. A high-quality Sales person who gets hired into a low-quality organization often suffers from a lack of information. Low quality organizations often do not invest in product/service training and the person is “thrown” on the phone without really understanding what they have to sell.

It is quite easy to understand if the Sales Person is an Over-Preparer or in need of information. Make sure that the person has attended all training sessions in place and has all the product information they might need. Listen to the requests and make sure to satisfy them. Should the person still waste time on research, you might be coping with an Over-Preparer, afraid of prospecting. 


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