To which industry does SPQ*Gold apply?

Widely used and applied, the SPQ*Gold Assessment is an attitude and activity-related assessment that helps identify how much drive and energy an individual dedicates to sales prospective and on coping with social inhibitors such as fear.


Having been in use since 1982, the SPQ*Gold Assessment is applicable both within the private and the public sector (such as Governmental agencies) and industries that require self-promotion and are sales-driven.

Many companies understand that the secret to selling is by hiring sales people who are good at selling.  Extensive research has proved that the majority of sales people struggle with fear emotional barriers when prospecting for new clients.

The SPQ*Gold Assessment can be applied to a number of industries namely Advertising, Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Retail Industry, Logistics and Transportation, Tourism and Hospitality, Pharmaceutical Industry and Retail amongst many others.

More about SPQ*Gold Assessment
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