Different Selling Styles

There is more to selling that you think. Based on a six-factor model developed by George Dudley and Shannon Goodson, this model offers a detailed interpretation of the strengths and limitations of the two primary selling styles.  

Best used for career development on individual basis and for the development of sales teams as well as to understand the preferences of sales managers in relation to their role in the company, this model can also be applied to study the corporate sales culture for strategic decisions, various markets or to adjust sales training in the company.

The six different selling styles that can be measured by the Selling Style Profile Analysis (SSPA) are as follows:

Competition-oriented selling. The competition-oriented salesperson is very persistent in trying to persuade a potential customer. Overcoming objections by never taking a no for an answer, he/she will do everything to close a deal resulting in direct and interpersonal influence.

Image-oriented selling.  Professional, oozing credibility and standing out from the crown, the image-oriented sales person is about selling a most professional self-image.

Need-oriented selling. Highly tactful and quick to ask relevant question to discover and understand the customer’s needs make them problem solvers and highly apt at reducing sales resistance. This selling style is about learning more about the client’s existing needs rather than create new ones.

Product-oriented selling.  This sales person knows all the features and benefits of a product or service. The selling style is about explaining and specifying product features and benefits.

Rapport-oriented selling. Building and developing long-term relationships are the key characteristics of this sales person. They work to gain trust, work at customer relations and work as business partners for their clients. Interpersonal communication, trust and understanding are all highlighted.

Service Oriented selling. This sales person explains the terms of services whilst providing an outstanding after sales service and exceeding customer expectations.